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Don't let the phone ringer interfere with your prayer.

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Respect Masjid is an App for smart phone users. Currently it is available for Android devices but coming soon for iPhone.


If you forget to turn off the phone ringer during prayers, or forget to turn it back on after prayers then this app is for you.


The primary purpose of this app is to respect the house of Allah and be considerate of others prayers by not playing loud music / ring tones while inside masjid.

This app can also help you find near by masjid in a new area.


This app will keep track of your presence in a masjid. When you enter a masjid it will put your phone on either VIBRATION or SILENT (based on settings) when you are with in 100 meters of a masjid.

When you come out of the masjid, it will change your phone audio settings to be in the same mode before it entered masjid.


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What's New v3.0

  • Ability to route to the nearest Masjid
  • New and Improved look and feel
  • Self explaining icons
  • Monitoring support for larger Masajid (Masjid Al Haram, Masjid Nabawi supported)
  • Improvement on masjid proximity monitoring

What's New v2.0

  • Ability to configure Monitoring Days.
  • Battery optimizations
  • Ability to add new Masajid
  • Ability to refresh Masajid